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Our story begins in the year 1935 in AUSTRIA with the opening of a factory/plant specialized in the production of furniture, tables and chairs from a high quality wood.

As the demand for furniture( made from solid wood)came mainly from the hotel industry, in 2007 we have expanded our area of activity and set the ground of the company known as Glockner Hospitality Solutions.

Our company's main business is providing full services in the hotel industry such as : furniture, fittings, rugs, curtains,matresses,everything of the best quality for our customers.

Together with our trustworthy business partners we are able to produce furniture for office buildings, domestic household and also offer professional advice and design



How We Work

Realization of ideas, technical feasibility, regulation and standards

finding suitable suppliers based on quality demands.

Punctuality, keeping to deadlines

Qualified assembly and installation

Solution oriented

3D visualisation

Detailed cost management

Post production services

Our clients

Our expertise

Turnkey projects
Hotel and luxuries facilities
Shop fittings
office furnitures
Exclusive luxury properties


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+40 741 212 051 / +32 466 22 62 28 / +43 4785 400

head office address :

Außerfragant 43, 9831 Außerfragant, Austria

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